Is there system.opcua.callMethod for 7.9 LTS?

I see system.opcua.callMethod documented for 8.x but I don’t see this in 7.9 LTS. Will you be adding this to 7.9? Is there an alternative way to execute a call method on OPC-UA device based on an event or button click for the 7.9 LTS?

It’s not possible to call OPC UA methods in 7.9.

We might be able to back port it if there are no complications, but generally we do not back port or add new features or functionality into the LTS versions once they are no longer the current version - just bug fixes.

Is there a way for me to use something like this example(or any possible option) to make a call within Ignition 7.9? If so could you link me to an example, IU course, or anywhere that would help me learn quick enough to test proof of concept before investing time to learning more?

milo MethodExample

The closest thing to an example we have for this is building a module that adds a scripting function using the SDK:

The problem here, though, is that you won’t be able to re-use the existing OPC UA connection to call the method. Every invocation would need to make its own connection to the server and then close it when it finished calling the method, and you’ve have to figure out some way to configure that connection and deal with security/certificate stuff.

I wouldn’t recommend going down this route, it’s going to be difficult and time consuming and a hack solution at best if you managed to get it working.

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