Is this Ignition Edge bug ? Login screen keep popping up

When I click the launch button on Ignition Edge designer, the login screen keep opening non stop.
I do not have this problem before activate license. After I activated my license, I have this problem.
I am using Ignition Edge Version 8.0.10.

Also, when I launch from Vision Client Launcher, I have below msg.


so after I deactivate the license and run without license things worked normally. any idea ?

What modules are in the license?

Alarm Notification 5.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
Allen-Bradley Driver 5.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
DNP3 Driver 3.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
Enterprise Administration 3.0.10 (b2020031912) Trial FAULTED
Logix Driver 4.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
Modbus Driver 6.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
OPC-UA 8.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
Omron Driver 3.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
Perspective 1.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
Serial Support Client 5.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated LOADED
Serial Support Gateway 5.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
Siemens Drivers 5.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
Symbol Factory 6.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated LOADED
Tag Historian 3.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
UDP and TCP Drivers 5.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
Vision 10.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated RUNNING
Web Browser 4.0.10 (b2020031912) Activated LOADED
WebDev 4.0.10 (b2020031912) Trial FAULTED

Try delete the local cache (C:\users[username].ignition for Windows), uninstall the designer launcher, and re-download/install from your gateway.

I would also remove those 2 trial modules from the gateway

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And get rid of the faulted modules.

thanks Matrix_Engineering and pturmel, it worked

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