Is this possible in FactorySQL

I dont recall what you call the various panes and/or views in the factorySQL software so I will do my best to describe what it is I would like to do.

In the lower left hand side of the screen there is a pane that is located under the available OPC servers list pane. This pane allows you to setup your folders and blocks. What I would like to do is setup the folder as a numerical value, say something like 28, then under this folder put my groups. Because the only thing that changes from one folder to another folder is the beginning number which would normally look something like:

localhost:KepWare\KepserverEx\28.xle.group1.{tag name}

I would like the 28 to be a variable that would pick its number up from the folder in which it resides.

Is this possible?

Thank you.


No, unfortunately that’s not possible. However, putting all of the related groups together in a folder is still a good idea, because then you could just copy that folder, and do a search and replace on it- say to replace “28” with “29”.

Search and replace is under the right click menu in that pane.