Is Twilio module included with the Maker Edition?

Has anyone installed the Twilio module for the Maker Edition? I cannot find it in the install.

The docs say that yes, Twilio is included and that SMS is not included. Or specifically, there is no listing for the SMS module.

But when I go to install, the list of modules does not include Twilio. It does list SMS, but it turns out that the Maker license does not allow that module.

Hmm, I thought it was included as well. You can download it and install it after the fact. Get it here:

Thanks, the direct download works. Twilio installed and activated just fine.

It would be nice to have a “Modules” link from the main download page. I just did not think to try the “archive” link.

They are on the main downloads page as well:

(sort of, you just have to click through to “other operating systems and version” if you are at just /downloads)

I linked you to the archive because I saw you were on 8.0.17.