Is Vision module be discontinued

Hello there,

I'm writing to inquire about the Vision Module. I'd like to know if it's expected to be discontinued soon and if there are any updates on it. I'm wondering if it's still worth learning or if I should learn the Perspective Module instead. I just heard some rumors...Thank you in advance.

There are no plans to discontinue Vision. The rumors you've heard are unfounded.

is there a confirmation from Inductive Automation?

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If you'd like a more recent confirmation, consider this to be it. I have multiple devs working on Vision, and if Vision were going away I'd have plenty of other things for them to be working on. Vision is not going away.


Thanks for that Kathy. But I think what everyone wants is for IA to make an official and formal statement that you don't have to dive deep into a specific forum thread to find.

Also, people want to know why this statement was made if Vision will continue to be supported..."If you are new to Ignition or an Ignition veteran looking to start a brand new project, we highly recommend that you use the Perspective Module." (Perspective and Vision: Which Module is Best for Your Next Project? | Inductive Automation)

At one point an IA employee said that Vision would be supported "at least until October 2025." So people are curious and worried. What is the point in making that statement? What happens after October 2025?

The point being is that Ignition's users want a formal statement from IA regarding this topic. Maybe you can push them to do so?

In the very same article you linked, Carl and Colby say "We also want to make it clear that the Vision Module will continue to be supported today and for the foreseeable future."

As of right now, Vision is still planned on being fully supported after October 2025. The statements you are referencing are from 2020 -- given the state of the world in 2020, I can imagine that predicting the future of Ignition more than 5 years out is something any of us would have hesitated to do.

In 2022, Carl (our CTO) explicitly said in the ICC Technical keynote that there are no EOL plans for Vision, and in the 2023 ICC Technical Keynote Carl highlighted a new Vision feature. What beyond that will make you feel better about Vision?


Well, I missed the ICC Technical Keynotes, as I imagine most users did. Thank you for the links.

The statement "We also want to make it clear that the Vision Module will continue to be supported today and for the foreseeable future." was also from 2020 and the term "foreseeable future" is very ambiguous. Here we are 4 years later...I don't think it's unreasonable for people to want clarification from IA. This thread right here and your response to me is the ONLY official statement I can find from IA stating that support for Vision will continue AFTER October 2025. (With exception to the keynotes you just linked)

Anyways, I finally have my answer, but it did take some digging. Thanks for your help Kathy!