isActive and isClear both true at the same time?

I can’t understand how this is a situation… the alarm is clearly below setpoint but remains active. There is no deadband or clear delay (seconds).



It seems that perhaps using an expression on enable/disable is related to causing this.

Anyone else experiencing this? Potential bug?

Can you share what version you’re running and any special configuration on your tag/alarm (i.e. if you do have any bindings to various properties)?

I am using version 8.10.

Here you can see that both boxes are checked. I’m not sure why State is Active since the value is not in alarm presently.


Here is my configuration. The alarm is enabled off of a parameter on the UDT. The setpoint (true or false) is set from a parameter on the UDT:

FYI anyone experiencing this:

I received this reply on my ticket from the support team:

“The bug has been addressed and will be in Ignition 8.1.8.”