isAlarmActiveFiltered Error

isAlarmActiveFiltered is throwing this error but I’m not sure where the problem is stemming from. The documentation says the tag path can accept a wild card

Hi apgilber,

Could you please send some additional information on what you are trying to achieve. As well as a few more details on the steps you followed to produce the issue.?


We found that if you put [default]* in for the tagpath it fixes the issue. I was attempting to use the example from the documentation and didn’t realize the [default] was a requirement.

The other thing that was odd was when I used a display path that had no active alarms the expression evaluation showed that it was false but also showed error so I assumed it was not working correctly. Should that just return false rather than an error of “Bad_NotFound”

You should only receive the Bad_NotFound error if the alarm that the expression is filtering on does not exist. Going from your config, is there a tag with an alarm in the default provider that has its display path property set to exactly EM14?

Yes there are 400 tags with 7 alarms on each tag from a PLC array. I’m currently downloading to the PLC so the tags are showing up as errored but normally they are not.


We aren’t able to replicate this on our end. At this point I can only point you to support for further assistance. When contacting them reference this post to give some further context.