isAlarmActiveFiltered() for ClearUnack only possible?

Hello all,

I’m trying to use the isAlarmActiveFiltered() and I was wondering if there is a way to “exclude” active alarms from this expression. (I know that it is named isAlarm Active Filtered).
The use case is in templates, I would like to avoid using expressions like tag({TEMPLATE.UDT::Meta.TagPath} + “/MyAlarm.AlarmClearUnackCount”).

From what I tried, the isAlarmActiveFiltered() can not be used to determine if there is an ClearUnacked Alarm on a tag or not. Am I right ?


isAlarmActiveFiltered({TEMPLATE.UDT::Meta.TagPath} + “/Test Alarm Active*”,
1, //Cleared Allowed
0, //Acked Not Allowed

Is True if an alarm is Active and Unacked (Desired : False)

(Similar question can be asked for Active and Acked alarms and excluding Unacked alarms)