isDBConnectionAvailable not working


we found an issue on an expression tag whenupgrading from Ignition 7.9 to 8.0.12: our tag check the connection on a linked DB using the expression isDBConnectionAvailable, this formula was working in 7.9 but not in 8.0.

The Diagnostic of the tag says “Unknown function: isDBConnectionAvailable”, even if we try to retrieve the DB name by Tag, with apex or putting the DB name in parenthesis. To avoid syntax errors, i tried to copy the function using the tooltip, but that didn’t work too

I’m attaching screenshots of the error and of our configuration, the tag

Thanks a lot for every reply



How about using the system tag instead ?

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Also, that may be because it does not exists in 8.0
This is 8.X user manual,

This is 7.9 -

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Thanks Kaushik, that worked! :smiley:

the thing that really upsets me was that i could see the function available in the function menu, but then he says “unknown funcion”.

With this workaround we can check the connection, thanks!