Issue accessing Vision Client Tags data in WebDev application

Hello everyone!

I'm currently facing a challenge when trying to access data from Vision Client Tags in a WebDev application in Ignition. I have been researching and testing different approaches, but I have yet to find a satisfactory solution.

My goal is to display the data stored in Vision Client Tags in a custom web application created with the Ignition WebDev module. However, it seems that Vision Client Tags are not directly available for use in the WebDev module.

I wonder if anyone has faced a similar issue or has any ideas or suggestions on how I can approach this problem. Is there a way to directly access data from Vision Client Tags in a WebDev application in Ignition?

I appreciate any help, advice, or experiences you can share. Thank you in advance!


Vision Client Tags only exist inside an instance of a Vision Client, and each client has its own set of tags that are independent from any other open Vision Client.

I think you may have a misunderstanding of your application or requirements.

As Kevin Herron mentioned, Vision Client Tags are only in each Vision Client. Think of them like local application variables. When there is only one client, there's only one set of variables. If there are 10 clients, then there are 10 sets of variables, where each client could have a separate set of values for those tags, unrelated to each other. If there are no clients open, those variables don't exist anywhere.

If you have a situation where every client should all have the same value for those tags, I'd normally recommend moving the tags to memory tags instead of Vision Client Tags. That way, all clients will share the tags, and those tags will be on the Gateway so they'll also be accessible via webdev.

If you do need to have your different clients with different Vision Client Tags, and need webdev to be able to reach out to a specific client and ask for that client's values for its Vision Client Tags, I'd suggest looking at message handlers. You can send a request from the Gateway to a client, and that client can read its own tag values and then send the value back to the Gateway, which could then return it to the webdev caller.