Issue creating scripting subpackages


I have created one inheritable project, let’s call it company, and a project that inherits from company, let’s call it site.

So the projects look like this:

Name Inheritable Inheritance Hierarchy
site false site > company
company true

The company project has a package called company under Scripting > Project Library, and a script or module called module that has some functions that are common across sites within the company.

The intention here is that every site could extend company.module if/when needed.

The scenario

When I was refactoring company so it would only include functions shared across sites I was already using company on multiple sites, and each had some specific functions.

So the easiest way was to create a subpackage called company under each site’s Script Library, like this:

└─ Project Library
    └ site
        └ company
            | module
    └ company
        | module

This way I could replace all import statements from:

from company import module


from site import module

And in I would import company.module.


I have created a Project meant to be used across multiple sites within the company, and every site should be able to extend modules from the parent project.

The issue

Creating a package within a child project with the same name as a package from a parent project was possible in version 8. But since 8.0.14 this is broken.

Versions <= 8.0.13 do allow the creation of a package called company under Scripting > Project Library > site, but since 8.0.14 the New Package dialog prevents this; the Create Package button is disabled, and there is a red icon next to the text box that displays Invalid name when one hovers over it.

The quick fix

The workaround would be to go to $IGNITION_DIR/data/projects/site/ignition/scripting-python/site and create a folder called company. And when the Designer is opened, there is a subpackage called company under site. Only then one would be able to create the script called module under

The permanent solution

Please work on Request 3974 opened since July 24, 2020.


When should I expect this to be fixed?


It’s in progress. A PR was submitted a week ago but it’s been going back and forth with QA since then.

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Thanks, @Kevin.Herron.