Issue in query result from database


I have column called data ( datatype - numeric)

value in column = 0.000000000000000000000004567

when i query the column from database i am getting only 0 digit after float is not showing when i query

please any one help me to sort out this issue

How many characters do you want to display? That’s how many 0s you need in your number formatting field on your table customer.

Right click the table, go to customizer, find your column, you should see something like

# are optional numbers and will only display if something is present, 0 are represent numbers that must be displayed.

If you changed your Number Format to #.000000000000000000000000000, it should show all the digits you just showed us, but that is a lot of zero’s and I can’t imagine it will look good on your table. I am unsure if there is a limit to the number of 0’s you can put after a decimal in a Number Formatting field, I’ve never had to deal with decimals as small as yours. You might want to, in your query, multiple by a million or a billion and just make note of the scale in the column header, along with changing the Number Formatting field.

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