Issue: Retriving Project updates from gateway (ignition 8.0.7)

Am facing an issue everytime when i tried to configure power table with filter and wrap text option my ignition designer got a popup Retriving “Project updates from ignition gateway” and screens continous refreshing itself even after disabling these option and helpless rightnow.
Also tried by deleting that particular power table nothing happened.
Tried with deleting that screen also but nothing gone well.
Please help me out if anyone have any solution regarding this.

I’m getting the same popup. Happens when I’m configuring transactional groups. I think it’s preventing me from starting the groups. Running 8.0.6.

Have you used any feature of power table i got that issue after using power table features…if no then just ignore it make a new gateway and new project if possible am also still not aware about that issue…and how to overcome this sry i don’t have any clue…