Issue sending report email

I am messing around with the reporting module trying to set up a report that is emailed out ever day at 8AM. I am trying to test the email function of the report by using the double arrow “Run selected action immediately”.

I am not getting any explicit errors, the SMTP server connection is good, the from and to emails, however no emails are sending. I am not seeing any red flags in the wrapper.log file but I will be the first to admit I don’t know exactly what I am looking for.

I have attached a snippet of the wrapper.log file around this email sending any help would be greatly appreciated.
email log issue.txt (168.4 KB)

Have you tested the SMTP connection can send a test email?

Looks like you’re talking to the server okay and it accepted the email into its incoming queue. Once that happens, Ignition is done with it and won’t get anything else – you’d need to start checking the SMTP server logs to find out where the problem is.