Issue upgrading to 7.4.1

I upgraded from 7.4.0 to 7.4.1 and all projects disappeared… the installer renamed the folder “data” to “data_” and made a new one.

to solve the problem i renamed-back the old folder to “data” and now i’ve my projects again. can i have issues with this action?


What operating system are you using? Also, there is a install-log.txt file in the install folder. If you can post that or send it to us, it might give some clues on what is going on.

Also, did the upgrader fail the first time by chance? I was able to replicate this by killing the upgrade partway through and then launching the installer again.

yes the first time it gave me an error and closed.
i updated the java VM before upgrading Ignition and did not reboot. probably it was not a good choice.
here is my log.
anyway: can i go ahead without problems after renaming the data folder to the original name?
install_log.txt (78.5 KB)

Yes, your renamed data folder should be fine. It was created during the Ignition upgrade, so it should be up to date. BTW, we are making an adjustment to the installers to copy the data folder rather than moving it during a re-installation. That way, it doesn’t look like your data folder just disappeared after a failed upgrade.