Issue using TagProvider.writeAsync

I am working on building a Gateway Module for Ignition version 8.0.15 and I am running into an issue when I try to write tags to a Tag Provider.

The record variable below is of type RecordData and context is of type GatewayContext.

List<TagPath> tagPaths = new ArrayList<>();
List<QualifiedValue> values = new ArrayList<>();

tagPaths.add(new BasicTagPath(record.topic));
values.add(new BasicQualifiedValue(record.value, QualityCode.Good, record.timestamp));

List<QualityCode> results = context.getTagManager().getTagProvider(tagProvider)
    .writeAsync(tagPaths, values, SecurityContext.systemContext()).get();
public class RecordData {
    public String topic;
    public Object value;
    public Date timestamp;

If I log out everything, this is what I get.

logger(tagPaths); // [[ACGE-23/level]]
logger(values); // [[0.85033414125612, Good, Thu Aug 27 22:34:31 UTC 2020 (1598567671005)]]
logger(results); // [Bad_Unsupported]

I don’t understand why I am getting back Bad_Unsupported. Looking through the javadocs, all I can find is the interface of the methods.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What kind of tag are you writing to?

I’ve tried it without the tag existing and as a memory tag.

Ah, don’t write QualifiedValues, write the actual value itself from record.value.

And don’t expect writing to a tag that doesn’t exist to succeed. The memory tag should work.

According the the javadocs writeAsync takes a List of QualifiedValues. Am I missing an overload or something?

Oops, you’re right. I was looking at the API for TagManager.

Try turning the log level for “” to DEBUG and see if there’s any additional information after you write.

Set the logger to TRACE and this is the extra info I get:

Starting write, paths=[[NFBA-23/level]], values=[[0.85033414125612, Good, Thu Aug 27 22:34:31 UTC 2020 (1598567671005)]]

Async write of 1 values completed in 0 ms

Hmm. Is this just a standard tag provider? Not really sure what’s going wrong yet. Best guess is that the tag at path “NFBA-23/level” is not a standard memory tag but rather a folder or UDT or something else…

Oh, try creating your tag path like this instead. TagPathParser.parse(record.topic)

That did it! Thanks for all the help!