Issue w/ Project Inheritance when calling Inherited Script via Inherited Alarm Pipeline

Using Ignition 8.1.18
I believe that that an inherited alarm pipeline is executing a script on the parent project instead of the project-inherited script. Any help in understanding some oversight in this architecture is greatly appreciated.
Let me know if I need to further clarify anything.
===== Current Architecture =====
ProjectGlobal is Inheritable.
ProjectGlobal contains: glbAlarmPipeline1 and glbScriptLibrary1.
ProjectGlobal @ glbAlarmPipeline1 contains a script calling glbScriptLibrary1.strProjectID.
ProjectGlobal @ glbScriptLibrary1 contains the following variable definitions:

intDivID = 33
strProjectID = system.tag.readBlocking(["System/ProjectID"])[0].value

Note: All child projects contain a System folder and ProjectID tag (albeit each with a unique value). Tag provider intentionally left off, so as to read from the default tag provider of the respective project executing the script.
Project1 inherits from ProjectGlobal, no resource overrides defined.
Project1 contains Tag1 (BOOL) with alarm pipeline as ProjectGlobal/glbAlarmPipeline1.

===== Issue =====
When I activate an alarm on Project1 @ Tag1 (per architecture above), the alarm pipeline executes to completion, but returns a null value for strProjectID. However, intDivID returns 33, as expected.
If I change the alarm pipeline of Project1 @ Tag1 to “Project1/glbAlarmPipeline1” and activate an alarm again, the expected value is returned. Problem solved! Except…
I need to migrate this to a UDT definition, defined at ProjectGlobal.

===== End Goal =====
UDT definition at ProjectGlobal with alarms fully-configured (including alarm pipelines), each child project inherits the UDT definitions, whereby unique tags are configured across all child projects using same UDT definition, where a global-script in each global-pipeline may reference tags in their respective project.
Perhaps this is as-easy-as learning the correct syntax for relative-reference to a pipeline within ‘this project’?

Might be a bug, but doesn’t sound like it. Tags (and UDT definitions) don’t belong to projects, so your particular combination may be stretching the original expectations.

An oversight on my part…I’m late realizing that UDT definitions follow tag providers, and cannot be inherited as I envisioned. I will likely be copy-pasting UDT defs accordingly, so my curiosity lives-on. Is it possible to provide a relative reference to an alarm pipeline? Else, is there an easy way to ensure that an inherited script (called from a parent alarm pipeline) is reading the tags which reside at the child-project level?

I think you will need to parameterize the pipeline name in the UDT.