Issue when using system.alarm.queryStatus on a remote tag provider


Im having an issue with the alarm info not able to aquire a specific event from a remote tag in the alarm journal.

this is what i have in the scrip console

this is the script:

id = 'ede2c0eb-0b4a-43bb-a4be-956812ba9f8d'

system.alarm.queryStatus(all_properties = [['EventId','=',id]], provider=["BHS_Remote"])

result :

[{Source: 'prov:bhs_remote:/tag:AlarmStatus:/alm:Alarm', Display Path: 'SAC server', UUID: 'ede2c0eb-0b4a-43bb-a4be-956812ba9f8d', Current State: 'Active, Acknowledged', Priority: 'Diagnostic', Active Data: {com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.alarming.config.BasicAlarmProperty@5453c7b3=1.0, eventValue=true, notes=Issue with SAC Server, systemAck=true, name=Alarm, eventTime=Fri Apr 28 11:17:18 EDT 2023, label=SAC, priority=Diagnostic, displayPath=SAC server, ackMode=Unused}, Clear Data: null, Ack Data: {eventTime=Fri Apr 28 11:17:18 EDT 2023}, Runtime Data: {isShelved=false}}]

is it possible that the uuid is comming from a the remote gateway ? and is it possible access UUID from a remote gateway ?

Provider is a queryStatus argument, not an all_properties key, so this would be the correct way to write your query:

UUID =  'ede2c0eb-0b4a-43bb-a4be-956812ba9f8d'
system.alarm.queryStatus(provider = 'BHS_Remote', all_properties=[('EventId', '=', UUID)])

....but the UUID is unique, so if you have it, I don't see why you would need to specify the provider to get the object you want.

This will work fine:

UUID = 'ede2c0eb-0b4a-43bb-a4be-956812ba9f8d'
system.alarm.queryStatus(all_properties=[('EventId', '=', UUID)])

Quick pedantic note: id probably shouldn't be used as a local variable since it is an inherent python function.


the following works fine when checking a UUID from the local provider work fine, but if its from a remote provider it does not work, it return an empty array