Issue with Acromag Remote IO Modbus - Socket connection closed, DriverState was Connected

Anybody have issue with Modbus or Acromag devices

We have Remote IO from Acromag, and we use modbus to interact with those

Every 2 minutes, the connection seems to work, but there is an error in the log

Do you have tags subscribed? If so, at what rate?

That error means the device is closing the connection on you for some reason. Usually this happens after ~10-15 seconds of no activity, but maybe this one has a longer timeout?

at this moment, I have added addresses, but no tag (in the tag browser), so no active subscribition

Well… try adding a tag and see if it stops closing the connection on you.

4 minutes without error in the log

So I suppose that something close unused connection and something open closed connection, which is not an issue, but add data in the log