Issue with Challenge Question on Topic: "Understanding Tags" for Ignition 7.9

I think there is an issue with one of the Challenge Questions that is on the Understanding Tags section. The question is:

Using the “Challenge Gateway Backup”, what type of tag is the tag located at the path “Ignition/Tags in Ignition/Understanding Tags/Machine State”?

When I open the Challenge File in Ignition I cannot find that folder. I’m almost certain it doesn’t exist. I think the question is outdated, but I may be wrong so I am looking for help here.

This is my first post so please let me know if I can direct this elsewhere.

I can download a file “UniversityChallengeBackup_v7_9_0.gwbk”. You have to restore this gateway backup file into Ignition from the GW management “Backup / Restore” web page. Check this link:

Inductive University Challenge File Instructions:


I have downloaded the same .gwbk file and restored that gateway backup file into Ignition from the GW management “backup / restore” web page. I still do not see the folder location I’m describing in the original post.

I can see the complete tag path, tag folder and the tag on the designer. Are you able to see this screen on your designer?.

With native client launcher, launch designer. Don’t launch the project. You won’t find anything.

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I’m not exactly sure what solved the problem. I tried the whole setup again (restoring the gateway backup file, launching the designer, etc.) and I can now see the proper folder structure.

It’s always a good practice to click the “refresh providers” icon under the Tag Browser.

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