Issue with Compactlogix & array of bools in complex UDT

[*]Using 64 bit Ignition V7.6.4 and Compactlogix V20.12.
Having an issue with PLC tags that contain an array of 32 bools nested within a complex UDT that is also a member of another UDT.

Here is the UDT by itself, no issues with bools

[attachment=4]ScreenHunter_60 Feb. 05 22.03.jpg[/attachment]
array of bools expanded
[attachment=3]ScreenHunter_61 Feb. 05 22.03.jpg[/attachment]

but once this UDT is a member of another UDT, bools cannot be read.
[attachment=2]ScreenHunter_62 Feb. 05 22.04.jpg[/attachment]
array of bools expanded
[attachment=1]ScreenHunter_63 Feb. 05 22.04.jpg[/attachment]


attached are members of Complex UDT, exceed max 5 attachment limit in previous post


as a follow up, tried same complex UDT in a Contrologix V19 , results the same. Bool array element display as a folder

Thank you for pointing this out Curlyandshemp.

This is most likely way too late to be helpful to you now. However, for posterity’s sake, this bug was fixed in version 1.6.5. (b2014031917) of the Allen-Bradley Drivers.

we are using BOOL[64] in control logix version 24, but in UA it shows as two tags 32 bits each.

we have 64 motors running status as bool 64, how can i get bool 64 as a single tag in UA??