Issue with Container and Custom Property in V7.5.5


I have an issue with a container when one of the custom properties is named “name”

When I edit the customer propery Name :

The saved expression binds to the container name:

Well, it shouldn’t have let you make a property called “Name”. I’m going to change it so that you couldn’t make that property in the first place, so you should change it to something else.

Thanks Carl,

there is also another issue, so I will state it now or I can make a new topic .

If you notice on the " x SPARE " button inside the container has been greyed out as it has the Enabled property selected as FALSE. The icon greys out but the text does not.
What I have found is if text has HTML properties attached it will not grey out, but if the text has no HTML properties it will grey out.

That we know about. Using HTML overrides the look when the button is greyed out. You have to check to see if it is enabled and change the color in the HTML yourself.

yes I figured that out and this is why I was originally trying to edit the buttons in the container in the first place.
But don’t you think that regardless of how the text is formatted all rules should apply?

OT: this is the eView application you developed for us

Potentially, you can make an argument either way. At least right now you can put logic in there to take care of the issue.

How about I make it a feature request then?

Anyway, renamed the custome property to Name1. Removed the HTML from the text, saved and renamed back to name.
Now entire button greys out when not selected