Issue with Database Query

I'm facing an issue while using a query with PostgreSQL.
Named Query:
SELECT "A".*,"B"."B_data1", "B"."B_data2" FROM "A" join "B" ON ("A"."id" = "B"."A_id") WHERE "A"."E" ='P_Test' LIMIT 1

Error :

When I remove the *, there is no error. My requirement is to collect all the data from table 1 and few columns from table 2 with some conditions.
Can someone assist in this issue?

List the columns in A by name. To test, omit each column one by one to find the column datatype that doesn't work in JDBC. Once you find it, you will need to cast it to something that the JDBC driver can handle.

From a quick peek at the Postgres JDBC driver, it looks like typecode 2003 corresponds to an array type.

Yeah. Thanks for the response.
Changing the datatypes (from _int8 to int8) fixed the issue.