Issue with DateTime Input component

I am facing an issue with DateTime Input Component in perspective. The site stops responding when I click the DateTime Input component, it only happens in chrome, I also tried with FireFox and Edge, it works fine in those. It was working properly before in chrome too, few days back it started creating this issue.

Thank You

I’m afraid the information you’ve given us is not enough to diagnose the problem or open a bug ticket. Could you elaborate on the settings applied to the DateTime Input? Does it have bindings applied to it? valueChange scripts? Can you clarify what version you’re using when this occurs? Does the Developer Console of the Chrome browser have any errors or warnings? What about the Gateway logs? What changed in your environment over the last few days? Did you update Chrome? Did you update Ignition?

I have a binding in value:

there is no value script applied to it.
I am using a embedded view to display this DateTime Input
I updated ignition to 8.0.10 but this issue was there before updating.
My chrome version is Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)
As you told i tried using developer tools in chrome, I noticed something strange, when I click dateTime input component while developer tool open it works fine. No Gateway logs created

Could you clarify how you’re using an Embedded View to display the Dropdown? (ie: does it happen to be a Popup, or is it just an Embedded View?) Could you post a screenshot of the View in question in an open Session? Where is the Embedded View located on the screen? Do you have any non-default settings applied to the Embedded View?

Picture below shows the DateTime Input component in a view

This picture show the embedded view which links the above mentioned view with DateTime input component
And i don’t have any non-default setting for embedded view
The main point is it works fine in firefox and edge. Only in chrome it have issue, when I click the datetime component, the entire website stops responding.

I was unable to replicate the issue with the setup you prescribed so far, but yourI’m having trouble duplicating your setup because of some inconsistencies in your screenshots:

My setup:

  1. (DTIView) DateTime Input with (basis = 39px and grow = 1 and pickerType = date and format = ll in Flex Container (column mode) where the Flex Container has dimensions of 200px x 50px (I can’t see your dimensions due to the binding screen).
  2. (GoBetween) Default Embedded View which supplies previous “DTIView” as path in a Flex Container with basis = 80px, where the Flex Container has dimensions of 200px by 80px.
  3. A Coordinate View with An Embedded View which supplies “GoBetween” as path.

With my setup, I experience no issues on Chrome. If you’d like to supply me with your copies of the Views I could investigate further.

Sorry for the delay reply, for testing purpose i created new view with just a DateTime Input component and tried to run in chrome, same thing happened when i clicked dateTime input component website stopped working. This time i didn’t used any embedded view or something. Further more for testing i created new testing project and tested same and it was working for that new project. I can’t understand how to solve this, i tried almost all possible ways.

Thank You