Issue with DNP3 Connection with ABB RTU 560

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to you regarding the problems I've encountered when connecting the DNP3 to the ABB RTU560.

Initially the connection worked fine for several hours, but now it has stopped working. The status of the device is "Connected", while the tags have the status "Bad, not connected".
I had restarted the driver as well as the gateway itself, but these actions did not restore communication
In the Ignition logs there are the following entries for this connection.

The connection to the device made from the DNP3 debugging software works fine.

As I write this post, the problem has ceased and communication has been restored automatically, without any changes in configuration, nevertheless I would like to eliminate this problem in the future.

Hi Igor_Zamora,

I'm glad to hear the connection to the tags has been restored. What version of Ignition are you currently running? Are you sure there were no changes that were made prior to the tag values showing good quality? A Wireshark capture would be really beneficial here. I would suggest reaching out to support and providing that Wireshark capture so that we can get a better look at what exactly is happening between Ignition and your device.