Issue with Duplicating a Template

If I duplicate a template on a window the duplicated template loses the link to its template path. The “Template Path” property is correct but I get a broken link overlay. If I change the “Template Path” property to some bogus name and then change it back to the proper name it links up again. This is pretty annoying as I want to set indirect dynamic links to my template and then have them auto increment while duplicating to speed up design.

IG v 7.5.5
Windows 7

Is this normal or a bug?

Try just to rename the link to something different, then press ENTER, then rename it back so that the reference is correct and press ENTER.
This sequence solved my template reference problems.

I cannot replicate the the issue - are you getting any errors in the console or Designer logs?

No errors, just a broken link overlay. As I said changing the template pathname to something bogus then changing it back will fix the problem. I also noticed that if I save and close the window then open it again everything is fine.

Would you like to upload a project backup so we can take a look at it?

Sure, just send me a ticket number

I have emailed you the ticket number.

It’s uploaded. Default username and password. Check out the CIP/Setpoints window and try duplicating one of the SP# containers.


OK, got it replicated and filed a bug.

Sorry about that, and thank you for reporting.

Not a problem.


I’m pretty sure this is related to a bug about copying/pasting containers with templates in them that has been fixed in 7.5.7. When it comes out please confirm that it’s been fixed.

I’ll let you know. About how far out is 7.5.7?

The full release is probably a couple of weeks out but beta-2 will be released this week and has the fix I’m talking about in it