Issue with Easy Chart

Using V7.7.8 and have an issue with easy chart. I am displayed historically recorded CIP data with upper and lower limits at critical points in the process. When I want the values to display, actual upper and lower limits are used. When I don’t want the limits displayed, they are driven to extremely high and extremely low limits

When I use the Xtrace on the chart, as long as I am over valid upper, lower limits, the time of the xtrace is valid

but whenever i highlight an area of the chart where the limits are 1,000,000 and -1,000,000 the data points are displayed OK, but the time is not. This causes me an issue, as i use the time @ the xtrace to look up other data.

I don’t remember running into this exact problem, but when I wrote the NoteChart module, I was unhappy with the underlying X-Trace.
So I re-wrote that part. (-:
You might want to give it a try.

Thanks for your response, but that is an unacceptable resolution to a problem I have in 20 - 30 installs.

This is an application Travis helped us to develop in the early days of Ignition. This has been an issue many customers have complained about in the installs we have had out there, and it was not until this week I finally figured what was going on.

I will just have to go back to the method I know works where the limits of set points are within the range of the chart and live with the nuisance of the upper and lower limits being displayed with 0 when I don’t want them to be displayed.

Heh. Sounds great to me!
But seriously, you’re on v7.7.8. Any fix you might get for this from IA will likely be for a current version, with corresponding expense. Yes, v7.7 is LTS still, but this certainly doesn’t fit any critical bug definition I’ve heard of. NoteChart is supported on v7.7. Swapping in a NoteChart is a matter of exporting a window as XML, pasting in a text editor, swapping the class reference, and importing it back.

I see similar issues in v7.9.2. In my case it appears the last trend line stops being captured by the historian for some reason and defaults to time stamp of that last captured value, ignoring the time stamps of the other pens. In my case, it’s more of nuisance to me only. However, for CIP trending in Curly’s case, I’d be asking for a proper IA solution as well unless it can be corrected by a historian setting, or chart setting.