Issue with embedding "live" image in perspective

Currently using 8.0.16 if that helps
I am trying to upgrade an old vision project to perspective. The vision one had IP Camera viewers to pull images which came from the internet. The url would stay the same, but the image would be overwritten

Is this doable in perspective? I tried the HTML component, but that returns null, and no other thing has a built in autorefresher/poller.
Thank you

Can you use the image component, but make it dynamic with a ‘fake’ URL parameter? IE: as a property could become an expression like:
"" + toMillis(now(5000)) - setting up a 5 second auto-poll.

Image source does not like the fake url parameter. It cannot be found (404) if the url is changed.

Ah, that’s a shame. Okay, another hacky idea - you could flip/flop between the DNS name and the bare IP of the image host (if it’s an external service, results will probably be poor if it’s a WAN service).

Sorry for the late reply, I found another way using OpenWeather API.
Is it planned to have some form of image puller like vision has with the IP Camera viewer?