Issue with Gateway Network SSL

I am having an issue connecting to another gateway via a SSL gateway network connection, all the firewalls are open on both ends so I am very unsure why this issue is happening.
One note, the gateway I am trying to connect to HAS a valid SSL certificate, and the gateway thats initiating the connection does not.
[1643078141], message=Remote server forcibly closed the web socket: Incompatible SSL protocol

The Gateway Network SSL settings are kind of wonky (which we improved for 7.9.4). Note that these instructions only apply for 7.9.3 and older:
On the outgoing gateway (the gateway where the gateway network connection is created), navigate to Config -> Gateway Network -> General Settings. Verify the Require SSL checkbox is checked. Do the same on the incoming gateway. Finally, return to the outgoing gateway and navigate to Config -> Gateway Network -> Outgoing connections and edit your connection. Verify the Use SSL checkbox is set, and that the port is set to 8060, and save the connection. Now, the incoming gateway should at least receive the outgoing gateway’s certificate, which you need to approve before the two machines can fully communicate. Do keep in mind that when checking the Require SSL checkbox on the incoming gateway, all other machines connecting to the incoming gateway over the gateway network also need to use SSL.

I did notice some improvements in the Gateway Network configuration on my dev server running 7.9.4;
I will try your suggestion. thank you!

@mgross any idea when 7.9.4 will be generally available again?

My understanding is that it will be available within the next day or so.