Issue with graphics : distortion of a circle

Hello everybody,

I have an issue in graphic design. I created a template which is html code to create an electricity meter.

Then, I added a circle, drawing with Ignition that move according to the consumption and is position depending of the objectives.

When I launch my project, at the beginning everyting goes well. But, bit by bit, the circle become distorted. To change his position, I just change his property “angle”…

If you look the picture, it will help you to better understand my explanation I think…

Does anyone know how I can solve my problem ?

Thanks in advance,

We’ve also been bit by this in the past, and there are a few things to try here.

One is to use designer space coordinates in your transform function (see the documentation: system.gui.transform - Ignition User Manual 7.8 - Ignition Documentation)

The other is to either make sure the templates don’t get rescaled (anchored layout to a certain side + reverting to master size where you use it), or change the template to check the “Enable Layout” flag on the template properties. This means you can define an anchored layout on the template, and it will be used correctly where you use the template.

These are just two settings that helped us fix these issues in the past, but we also don’t yet know if these settings are enough to help in every case.

I would very much like to see your html code for this…?
I did something similar, but I did it with canvas…