Issue with image width and height

When I load images from files, at times the width and height properties are swapped. This effect seems to happen with “larger” images such as 3000 X 4000 pixels.

Here are some screenshots which show the image directly from the file and its width and height:

A large 3000 X 4000 image

Properties of large image

A smaller 720 X 1280 image

Properties of smaller image

Here are two screenshots from the designer showing the rendered images. Please note how the larger file´s width and height were swapped.

In this image the width and height were swapped:

No issue with this image:

Below is the code:

	#Find Aspect Ratio of Original Image
	filename = imgComponent.getPath()
	img = ImageLoader.getInstance().loadImageNoCache(filename, None) #this line causes the JVM heap error in the client or designer 
	imgW = img.getWidth()
	imgH = img.getHeight()
	print "Width = ", imgW
	print "Height = ", imgH
	imgRatio = float(imgW) / float(imgH)

Any ideas?

Just checking back to see if there are any ideas.

I don’t think the width/height are swapped, I think Windows Preview is auto-rotating the image for you, possibly using orientation metadata, while the image you load and display in Vision is unmodified.

Thank you Kevin. Makes sense.