Issue with Modal Popup Positioning in Chrome

Hello Ignition community,

I'm reaching out regarding an issue we've encountered with modal popups in our Perspective views, specifically with their positioning in Chrome after what we suspect may be a recent update.

Typically, we use exact positioning with the exact position explicitly defined for our modal popups, and this has always worked as expected. However, recently we've noticed that the Top and Bottom positioning no longer seem to behave as they should, and this issue is isolated to Chrome; other browsers are unaffected.

Upon investigation, it seems that the align-self: center style applied to the ia_popup popup-modal class is now being interpreted differently by the Chrome browser. When this style is disabled, the popup behaves as expected.

We haven't made any overrides to the Perspective CSS themes involved, so this seems to be related to a change in Chrome's interpretation of this style.

At this point, I see two potential options:

  1. Change the exact positioning throughout all of our event scripts for modal popups, which could be quite a task.
  2. Possibly override the CSS theme to counteract this style, though I'd prefer to avoid manipulating the native themes if possible.

Before proceeding with any changes, I wanted to reach out to see if anyone else in the community has experienced this issue or if there might be something obvious that I'm overlooking.

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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This is caused by what we consider to be breaking changes in Chrome. Their argument is that it is expected as part of a forward-thinking approach, and other browsers will soon be following suit. We're aware and have an open ticket to fix it soon within Ignition. I'll try to get a Dev to chime in with the recommended short-term workaround.


@cmallonee Thank your for the quick response. In the interim, we have resolved this by overriding align-self to auto in the advanced stylesheet.css in our core project from which others inherit. Will keep an eye out for long term fix.


Quick update:
We're in communication with the Chromium team on next steps, and we're working on a workaround for those who might not be able to update to a newer version of Ignition as this issue will affect Perspective users across all versions.


Hello @cmallonee, any news about this topic?
Thank you!

we fixed it by adding this to the css theme files on the gateway

div[style*="inset"].ia_popup {
	align-self: auto !important;

That fix might work for a good number of users, but it is not a universal fix. Any users making use of relative positioning or with specified locations would notice changes in behavior.

We have a fix for this issue, that is currently undergoing QA. It should be available soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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A solution has been merged, and should be available in the next release. Thanks for your patience.


In Ignition 8.1.39 the issue is still present. :frowning:
Any update? Testing on Chrome 123. This is starting to be a big issue.

A fix for this was introduced into the nightly within the last couple of weeks (IGN-9324): Nightly 8.1 Changelogs - 2024 - #60 by system

I recommend trying out the nightly to confirm it is indeed fixed for you. That fix will be officially released within 8.1.40.