Issue with mouse events on touch screen

I just set up a new client running Panel Edition on a Windows 7 Home Premium connected to an ELO touch screen. The problem is that it seems that the MousePressed event is working, but not the MouseReleased event. There are some mouse button emulation settings in the ELO software that let you choose between “Click on touch”, “Click on release”, or “Mouse emulation”. The “click on touch” and “click on release” won’t allow the user to hold a momentary button down. On “Mouse emulation” when you press the momentary button the MousePressed event fires, but when you release it the MouseReleased event does not fire. As you can guess, this causes quite the unwanted motion when jogging my machine in manual mode! I have used this same monitor before on a Windows XP machine and it worked fine. The ELO driver is probably newer now. I don’t remember the version I used before, but this is 5.2. Ignition is 7.2.5.

Oh, I forgot to mention that when using an actual mouse everything works fine; it’s just with the touch screen that I get the unwanted results.

Update- I rebooted the system and this time everything is working properly. I don’t know what happened before but the results were repeatable before the reboot. Perhaps it was because I was changing the ELO mouse button emulation settings while the client was open, or for some reason the mode did not change properly until I rebooted. Still strange.

That is strange - I’m definitely blaming the driver.

It is good to know for anyone new to touch screens that the “click-on-press” modes will by definition not work for momentary buttons.

That said, if you don’t need momentary buttons, the click-on-press mode generally gives better performance.