Issue with Navigation using swapTo

Hey I’m investigating a new navigation strategy for our projects and I’ve encountered a rather weird situation/bug and want to know if i’m doing something wrong or the function is not working correctly.

Basically I’m testing out the system.nav.swapTo function:

TargetWin = + “/Folder/Window Path 1”).value
if event.source.parent.ObjectEnabled:

We are reading a window path from a tag and then trying to swapTo that window, this works as intended, but the loading of the data/templates on the window seem to work sometimes and not others, the screen shots below will give some understanding of what is happening.

What it should look like (works most of the time):

What happens if I navigate back to that page sometimes:

I have a static TagPath sitting on the window, so it should populate on the swap but for some reason multiple templates are not loading/being invisible.