Issue with one of two historian tags on a perspective page

I have two custom values each with dataset [1x71] from historian bindings on a perspective page.

For some reason, since the last two resets, one of them has been toggling between dataset [1x71] and dataset[0x0].

I am using Ignition 8.1.
Is there a known cause or solution to this?

I think you are going to need to include a lot more information than that :slight_smile:

On all my pages with more than one historian binding, I have this issue on some of them.

No property changes on any of them? Can you show the binding that is being problematic? And if its referencing a tag, show that tag’s configuration as well?

[0x0] would suggest to me that the data source is intermittently returning no results.

I believe from your other threads that you can’t share detail due to NDA etc. Your fastest progression may be a ticket with support.

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It is also possible that your start date and end date are changing separately, briefly yielding a backward interval (which will have no results). Add some logging to your bindings.

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How do you add logging to a historian binding?

point count, 1 count
time range 1, minute
polling 30 seconds
direct, 71 tags, aggregate default
last value
options enabled, dataset
no transform

I will look at the other pages to see if there is a patter with the configuration.
On the page with the two historian bindings though, they are both configured the same.
One was populating consistently, and the other was not for a few hours.

Ignition 8.1.0, updating in a month or two though.

If you have a transform script, do it there. Or perhaps use propertyChange actions on the properties you are referencing in that binding.

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