Issue with Perspective Table Showing seconds since epoch instead of formatted date

I have a table in perspective thats supposed to be showing me a date in a column, but instead it seems to be showing seconds since the epoch.
I have the column render set to date, and the format specified but it doesn’t seem to change anything.

Thanks for reporting this.
This is a known issue that has a fix already in the code base that will be in the 8.0.3 version.

Jonathan C

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in v8.0.16 it doesn`t work

I can`t change format! How I can do it?

It does work in 8.0.16.

Please verify that you have a column configuration in place for the column which contains your date.

In the following screenshots, I’m using a Dataset with columns named “str” and “Date”.

No column configuration specified for the column (field setting is empty):

Now the field property is correctly specified to target my column named “Date” (you can see that the column is now rendered correctly):

After changing the dateFormat property to render as date and time:

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