Issue with remote tag provider

Having an with tags coming from a remote tag provider.

Remote tag provider is connected to an OPC-UA server. When using the OPC browser we can see all of the address space including the subfolders. However when looking at the tag browser some of the subfolders within the address space are not showing up. When we try and drag the subfolders that aren’t showing into the tag browser nothing happens and the tags are not accessible. Additionally, when configuring the remote tag provider as the default provider for the project it adds all of the devices in the address space to the tag browser and we cannot delete any of the excess tags from the project. Not sure if that is an expected behaviour but we are more concerned we cannot get parts of the address space to show up in the tag browser. Below is an image of what I mean:

You only have access to tags that you’ve created on that remote Ignition, not all the tags it has under its OPC connections.

Ahhh ok that makes sense. How would I create more tags on that remote IO so all of the OPC tags would be accessible?

You’d log into the remote gateway’s (gateway B) designer and drag tags from its OPC browser to the local provider that the local gateway (gateway A) is consuming as a remote provider. Assuming gateway B is the one with the OPC connection set up to the “MX OPC Server”.

If Gateway A is the one with the OPC connection then you just drag them directly from the OPC Browser into a local provider. You can’t add OPC tags to a remote provider being consumed from another gateway.

If you configure the security zones you can create and edit tags on remote providers.