Issue with report viewer

I tried to upload an image, and it still fails every single time.

I have a report viewer on a page, and the report looks like it is using wingdings or all the text is just stacked on top of itself.

Fails how? It should tell you why it failed. Does drag and drop work any differently? Perhaps it is the size or type of the file. Taking a screenshot should work well enough.

I have taken screenshots. The upload feature does not work on this site when I try to upload an image.
I need the report to look correct though. People rely on it daily.

You always have the option to create a ticket for support, they could look at your upload issues at the same time.



linked from imgur

Fixed on gateway restart, not sure why the image won’t let me upload.
I tried jpg, png, changing the filename to random letters, and not sure.
I can use the imgur link though.