Issue with reports Tag Historian Query Header on CrossTab

I’m using a Tag Historian Query with 8 tags as my data source to get minimum level for every day in the date range selected in a CrossTab table. Coulumn header is @tagpath@, column 1 is @Minimum@ and @t_stamp@.

The problems is that the header is off set by one to the left. For some reason it puts “t_stamp” in the first column header and then Well 1 in the second, Well 2 in the third and so one until the last column header is filled with the well that should be in the second to last column header.

The data and time stamps are in the correct columns and rows, only the header is offset. Any one have an idea why it’s putting the label "t_stamp in the first column header which is causing the offset?

Query settings
Date Range: Historical
Aggregation: Minimum
Return Format: Calculations
Sample Size: Interval / Hour