Issue with Tab Strip Customizer and HTML

I am having an issue with the tab strip customizer. I have to use HTML in order to create a new line
and I have a tab strip with 8 tabs all with html. It takes me up to a few minutes to make a single modification and realized that this behavior started when I begun adding html. If I create a tab without html, response times are normal.

I am running ignition 7.6.2



I cannot duplicate this behavior in 7.6.3. Can you provide me with an example of what you are including in your tab strip Display Name that is causing this slow down?

I run into this sometimes. (I’m running 7.6.3 x86)

Usually when doing something like this

It seems to slow down the longer I have the designer open, but only for that particular component.

We can’t seem to make this happen here, can you make an export of your nav window and send it into Thanks.