Issue with tag event scripts

Ignition 7.7.3

I am having an issue with tag event scripts, specifically value change ones. They don’t seem to be executing when I change the value of the corresponding tag.

I can get it to work using the Client or Gateway event script functions but when applied to the tag itself it seems to do nothing.

It seems so basic but it’s driving me a little mad.

If you have the ability, check if you can recreate this error on a test project. I think it always helps to have a base case to troubleshoot from, of course, but I also had an interesting bug where a very large project wouldn’t perform a simple debug script (it was easy to work around, so I didn’t pursue it, but if this won’t work for you, then I’ll look into it more closely).

If you’ve the luxury, here’s a pristine gateway backup with a test project with three tags set to log onchange: Click for a simple test gateway backup.

The print statement will output to the wrapper.log Just want to make sure that is where you are looking to confirm the event.

Right, this one usually trips people up. Printing to stdout from scripts bypasses the gateway console and goes straight to the wrapper.log file. The console page you see on the gateway only contains the output from the logging system and doesn’t include any kind of print statements, whether its from Jython code or our own code.

Ah that was my issue. I was assuming it would output to console like it would in other scripting scopes. Thanks