Issue with the PDF Viewer Component and HTTPS

I have been putting together a TV signage project for our building. It allows users to upload PDFs to a SQL table, which the TVs pull from and display the content.

To accomplish displaying data on the TVs, I am using the PDF Viewer component to display the contents that users select and upload. I developed the system without running into the soon-to-be-mentioned bug on our dev gateway.

However, when moved to test and production, we ran into a strange issue. When running a client through HTTPS, any time a PDF is loaded, through either the extension function loadPDFBytes() or by simply pointing the PDF path component to a local directory, the client is kicked from the gateway with the following error:

pdfLoadErrorProduction.txt (20.0 KB)

Attached is an image of a TV losing a connection to the gateway due to this bug:

This bug does not appear when connecting through HTTP, or through HTTPS on dev. Through extensive testing it is 100% occurring due to the PDF viewer loading data. I can try and provide more information as needed, but first wanted to know if anyone else has seen this. Digging around the forums I couldn’t find a similar problem. Thanks for any help.

We’ve had one other report of the same strange error occurring with HTTPS and the PDF viewer…

I’ll see if I can get the ticket into this sprint because it’s really just a library upgrade that is supposed to fix this.

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This should end up in tonight’s build, so if you have a dev environment set up that you can test this in then give it a try any time after tomorrow morning. You’ll have to upgrade Ignition entirely, not just a module, to get the updated library.

Thank you!