Issues addressing boolean tags

Hello, I am having trouble creating some boolean tags to show a motor status on or off. I think it has to do with the way ignition addresses, but I’m not sure how to fix or work around it.



On the ignition documentation I found

  1. Then create a new OPC tag with a Boolean value to the first bit of this tag as follows:
    Data Type: Boolean with a value of 1 or True
    OPC Item Path: [MLX]B3:0/0 (for Micrologic, you can specify the bit as: 0/0 or 0.0. >That is, with a slash/ or a period.) [MLX]B3:0/0 has a value of 1 or a Boolean value of >True

So I think I’m inadvertently writing values to the tag by assigning it to the tag. Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!

What is the actual issue you’re having? What do the tag diagnostics say the error is? And what OPC item path are you using?

I did not see any error, other than a little green question mark thing next to the tag after i created it. it just did nothing.
below is how it populates.


I do not see any error, the tag just shows off or null

What is the quality of the tag? Does anything show in the diagnostics for the tag?

Nope, I run tag diagnostics and it just shows the value as null but no errors. i tried it as an integer as well. Maybe I need more ladder logic with some status bits powered by the outputs…?

So the tag quality is good?

What do you mean by that?




I get “unknown” for quality.

i picked it from the tag browser so not sure why its unknown quality

I’ve seen this when I’m not using the right driver. What PLC are you talking to, what firmware version is it, and what driver are you currently using ?