Issues clearing alarm


I have an alarm on tank level which is giving me a little trouble to get right. We want it to act more like a notification where emails are sent out as the tank level passes below one of many threshold values.

Currently, I have it set up as multiple alarms triggered ‘below setpoint’ with clear delays of 24 hours and ‘auto’ acknowledgement mode. The alarmActive event handler is used to run This works fine to send emails when the alarm becomes active, however the alarms are staying active too long and need to be shelved often.

Is there an easy way to change the configurations to prevent the Alarm Count Label component from constantly going off? I see how this could be done with a Gateway Event Script but it’s already set up with alarms. Maybe just an alarm active pipeline that clears it?

Thanks for any advice,


PS: maybe the solution is just shelve them for a very long time?