Issues positioning containers


I am having an issue positioning containers in a window and having them show up properly on our HMI.

Our interface is on a 1920x1080 display.

I have a top status bar, main body section, and lower menu.

The top status bar is 1920x40 and docked north.
The main body is 1920x968 and floating
The lower menu is 1920x72 and docked south.

When viewing this full screen on the 1920x1080 display I am seeing bars on the bottom of the top status bar and top of the lower menu as if the main body isn’t scaled properly. There is also a scroll bar on the right side of the main body (with no scroller inside it).

Is there something I am doing wrong? Why the grey bars? Why the scrollbar? In all the vision windows I have the size, min size, and max size set the same (the values shown above).

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

I took a full screen screenshot of the interface and opened it in Photoshop.

The top bar is infact 40px tall, and the lower menu is 72px tall as desired. For some reason there is a 4px tall grey bar at the top and bottom of the main body.

Edit 1: I changed all Layout constraints to anchored. I am still getting scroll bars but the grey bars have disappeared.

Totally normal behavior.

If you set your windows to 1920px in a environment that is 1920px, you haven’t left room for the OS window decorations on each side. Causing a scale down in relative layout. Relative scaling maintains aspect ratio, so the vertical scales too, leaving bars top and bottom. It is common to have bars on either side when using left or right docks.

There shouldn’t be any window decoration? It is full screen.

Ah, might be a window border. The size of Vision windows controls the usable size of the root container, so any window border would make it bigger.

I switched the positioning to absolute and locked the top left and bottom of the container. I still don’t understand what is going on but it fixed the issue.