Issues with 3rd party market place modules

I have tested the “NoteChart” module (found on the Marketplace from Automation Professionals) on ignition 7.7.5. It worked fine.
Now i upgraded the platform to 7.8.0 RC1 and i get the below error when i try to open the window ín the designer. The window cannot be opened.
I am using the EasyNoteChart.
Is this is a general issue i should be aware of when using marketplace modules or is it a 7.8.0 issue?

SerializationException: Unexpected parsing error during binary deserialization.
caused by IOExceptionWithCause: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.automation_pros.notechart.components.EasyNoteChart
caused by ClassNotFoundException: com.automation_pros.notechart.components.EasyNoteChart

Ignition v7.8.0-rc1 (b2015092117)
Java: Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_31[/code]

Hi Maithen,

Check the status of the module in the Gateway. Is it faulted?

My guess is that you are using a NoteChart module that is built for Ignition 7.7 and not for Ignition 7.8.

Automation Professionals will need to make a version of the module for Ignition 7.8.


I’m still testing, but yes – modules built for v7.7 will not work in other major versions. I expect to release new builds for my marketplace modules next week.

As it is now, i cannot event open the window in the designer. Is this issue going to happen in every upgrade with 3rd party modules.

Then next thing is how to upgrade my project from 7.7.5 to 7.8.0. It seems like that i have to wait for 7.8.0 and the 3rd party to be released and then do the roll up together and then open the project.

Certainly for modules that add components to the Vision module, you wouldn’t be able to upgrade until you also had an upgrade for that module. You can’t open a window with a component on it that no longer exists, which would be the case if you’ve upgraded Ignition but not the 3rd party module.

Hi Maithen!

If you visit the MarketPlace’s NoteChart page, you’ll find a new version supporting Ignition v7.8.

There’s also a new version for v7.7 that fixes some internal warnings and logging text.