Issues with Calendar components

I did some test with the calendar components: The new translation system is really good, but there are still some little issues that should be fixed before release:


  • The use of the ‘Time Display Format’ is inconsistent.
    When set to ‘12 hour’ the time field used 12 hour format, even if the client is startet with a language that does not use this format. After switching the language from ‘German’ to ‘English’ and back, the time is displayed in 24 hour format.
    When set to ‘24 hour’, the display switches to 12 hour when language is switched to ‘English’.
  • The time field uses a smaller font than configured until the language is switched for the first time.

    Popup Calendar
  • The popup calendar ignores language switching. It always uses the language that was set when the containing window was opened.
  • Translation of the ‘Format String’ property requires a property binding. This makes localization of the popup calendar unnecessary complicated. Maybe it would be better to remove this property and make the format string translatable.
  • There’s still an old bug with the popup toggle button. When the popup was closed by clicking outside, the button has to be clicked twice to open the popup again.

Date Range

  • The tick size of the date axis is sometimes to small. This results in overlapping text.
  • Depending on the selected range, the component shows only the hours (See attached screenshot). Without the AM/PM this looks wrong. Maybe add ‘:00’ to the format string here for 24 hour locales?

  • When more than one year is displayed, the display for the selected range is wrong in german. For the attached screenshot it should be ‘04.2014 - 07.2014’

  • The ‘Date Style’ and ‘Time Style’ properties seems to have no use anymore. Shouldn’t they be removed?

Language Selector
This component has a ‘Selected Locale’ bindable property. The value of this property is always ‘English’ and does not change when another language is selected.

Thank you for giving us such detailed feed back. I’ve made bug tickets for these items, and most should be quick fixes.