Issues with DNP3 Driver reconnection

I’ve been having issues with the DNP3 device connecting to MicroLogix 1400 when the network connection between the two is broken. When the connection is resumed the device will show connected but the tag will show a bad quality until the device is disabled/enabled or just saved. This is periodically happening on both a production Ignition 7.9.13 & inhouse on my development Ignition 8.0.8.
Today I tried it with a dnp outstation simulator from freyrscada on Ignition 8.0.8 and everytime the connection is broken, Ignition will not recover and just prints the following messages repeatedly on its log, until the device is saved or reenabled.
[[id: 0x42442cd7, L:/ - R:/]] fragment timer expired
Wireshark shows the following during the down interval
This is on Ubuntu 18.04.4 & OpenJDK 1.8

Support ticket #120087 created