Issues with Java7 update 10?

I upgraded my Java to update 10 and the designer locks up everytime after opening and trying to navigate windows or pretty much anything…anyone else having this issue?


What OS and what version of Ignition are you on? We’ll see if we can replicate it with that info.

Ignition 7.5.4
Win7 SP1 64bit

A live running project opens and runs fine it’s only when I open the designer.


Correction - Ignition 7.5.1

I couldn’t reproduce the issue, unfortunately. Try deleting the Ignition cache (the .ignition folder located in c:\users%USERNAME%), and removing the Java cache (Temporary Internet Files in the Java Control Panel) as well. If that doesn’t help, try uninstalling and reinstalling Java.

I have removed and re-installed Java and we are still having issues in the Desgner with one particular Window…Designer locks up when trying to open the Window that I have attached. Would you mind taking a look at this?

TIC_EAST_Employee Schedule_2013-01-11_0901.proj (23.4 KB)

I’ve noticed that the Deisgner hang up also happens whenever I select an image in a Window and click on the ‘Image Path’ to try changing the image. This happens on any “Image Path” that I’ve tried so far…

An upgrade to 7.5.5 will fix the issue with that window. There was a bug in the equipment schedule component that would freeze if the date range included the DST changeover (11/4/12 @ 2am). Since your default date range included that date, the window freezes everytime. This bug is now fixed. I wasn’t able to reproduce the image path issue, if you still see that behavior in 7.5.5, go ahead and attach an export of a window with an example image.