Issues with page loading in iPad

We have a perspective app running in both small and large screens. The app loads and doesn’t seem to have any issues with Android and iOS mobile devices. When the app runs on an iPad, we observe the following issues; not sure how to resolve them. Any suggestions to rectify them ?)

  1. Data doesn’t load (its a SQL query instances using flex repeater)
  2. Flickering on the pages
  3. Pages keep changing without navigating to them


OS versions?

It is 13.3.1

I see flickering issue in Safari in my iPhone.

Any suggestions?

There is a known issue with websocket connections and Safari on devices running IOS 13, in particular iPads. Seem to occur more frequently with a heavy number of embedded views. What does your view look like? Also, what version of Ignition?

Home Screen has header and footer embedded views with flex repeater which has approx 110 instances. Ignition Version is 8.0.10.

Same pattern. And each instance is composed of more embedded views I’m assuming?

I created a view and flex repeater uses that for each instance

Fair enough. If you can manage to reduce the number of views for now, that may work as a temporary solution. We are currently focusing our efforts on significant performance improvements which are being introduced incrementally in the nightlies. I’m hoping as we move forward this should solve your issue. The bug seems to really be an issue with Safari 13 as reported by other customers. I’ll keep this issue in mind as improvements are made to see if they help with this situation. Sorry, that’s all I can do at the moment.

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Thank you !

A significant performance improvement should be included in the latest nightly (in addition to a few more added recently). You might try that. I’d also suggest setting the loading mode of all of your views to blocking and see if that helps. I don’t have access to an iPad at the moment, otherwise I would test it myself. Let me know how it goes. :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you ! Changing the loading mode to blocking worked. Didn’t update the latest nightly yet.

Well that’s good to hear. Updating to the nightly should make it even better then.

Can you explain why setting to blocking would speed up views?

Hey Jae,

Well, for one, there is a lot less logic involved when blocking. Also, loading views in a non-blocking fashion on a page that receives rapid updates can slow loading way down because the loading of the view doesn’t start/finish until, in most cases, the browser is at idle (except Safari, which waits until the next animation frame). Soon however, based upon preliminary tests, this will be less of a concern when all of the performance improvements are finally complete.

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Do you believe is it technically possible in future perspective have same performance as vision?
I mostly focus on design environment which we took most of our time.